Secured Access Control

The access control package includes everything you need to set up a complete door access control package. This includes a  Power Control Box, a door TCP/IP Web Server Controller, Keypad Access Control Readers,  Request to Exit Buttons, 100 feet of 18/2 Power Wire, 100 feet of 22 Gauge Stranded and Shielded Cable, Access Control Cards, Access Control Key Fobs and a magnetic locks or door strikes. It’s your choice depending on which will work better for you and all you need to do is leave it as is for the Maglock option or choose the Door Strike option up above. You can also wire this access control panel to electronic door locks (such as a Maglock or Electric Door Strike) an alarm and other devices such as a siren or strobe. There are a lot of possibilities for wiring your inputs and outputs.

You’ll be able to control you door access control panel pretty easily over your network. Just plug one end of an Ethernet cable into the access control board’s RJ45 port, plug the other end into your network, and with our free Access Control Software, any PC that is on that network can see the access control board. Then all of your settings can be configured for everything from creating users to scheduling access times and much, much more.

Our customers love the Access Control Boards in part because of the ease of expansion. Adding additional access for more doors is easily done by purchasing more boards, connecting those to the existing network and configuring the Access Control Software to work with all of the boards. .

Don’t forget to add a battery backup and optional reader.

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