Storage Area Networks (SAN or iscsi)

Storage Area Networks have become much more common place in today’s production environment. What is it? It is a network device that holds storage with much greater capacities than a standard NAS (Network Appliance Storage Device). It is designed to be a robust storage that will attach to a server or workstation to provide solutions to several needs.

On a high production server, it is used for Fail-over Clustering, or letting several servers use the storage to provide a much more resilient and redundant  application.

Digital Data Services sells, services and manages SAN storage devices and have over 10 years of experience dealing with specific needs of software applications to meet vendor requirements.

SAN devices have several layers of redundancy built in to help ensure data loss prevention.

If you have any SAN Storage needs, contact us for your free initial consultation. If you need immediate service and have a SAN Storage Device down or in distress, or if you are interested in our 24×7 monitoring solution, you can find our contact information at the bottom or the site or go to our company page to get numbers to call or email us.

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