Server Management

Server management entails a variety of tasks, depending on what flavor of Operating system you use.

Windows requires a completely different set of skills and commands as well as GUI (Graphical User Interface) if you’re not using core servers. Linux also has a GUI but most configuration is done from command line. It’s nice to have if you’re just getting started and want to look around.

Digital Data Services Technicians are trained thoroughly in Windows and Linux, mainly CentOS. We focus on CentOS because of it’s close relation to Red Hat Linux. Red Hat and CentOS servers are among the most secure in the world. With some scripting and use of cron you can automate many management tasks and generally, once your server is configured, you don’t have to look at it again unless you have a hardware problem.

We specialize in integrating Linux and Windows to give you maximum value for your dollar when meeting your specific needs.

We also offer 24×7 monitoring solution to ensure your servers, network or Workstations are running at optimum performance levels and avoid donwtime or costly repairs.

If you have any server management needs, or if you are interested in our 24×7 monitoring solution, contact us for your free initial consultation. If you need immediate service and have a server down or in distress, you can find our contact information at the bottom of the site or go to our company page to get numbers to call or email us.

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